DJ’n Tonight @ Johnny Kaw’s

Stoked to be back in the DJ booth tonight at Johnny Kaw’s.  It’s been a while since I’ve DJ’d there so it’ll be a fun time.  Definitely love the atmosphere that place brings.

For those of you who have never been to Manhattan, KS… You should definitely come and check out JK’s and the rest of Aggieville.  It’s always a night well spent.




Cheers to those…

Those nights sitting at home… reminiscing of the years past.  The times spent with friends in high school and how you just didn’t seem to give a shit… How carefree we all were, living like there was no tomorrow.  Man, how I miss those days.  Not only do I miss the good times with friends, but I also miss those friends.  Lord knows we have all changed… some for the better, some for the worse and it’s with that I’ll pray that all of you realize which of the two you encompass.  If you’re of the latter, fix it because you know what… sometimes it’s better late than never.

Apologies… Once Again

Alright, I’ll admit I’ve definitely been neglecting my blog posts and what not, but then again I’m a busy college student… haha, good joke right?  But for real, this post isn’t significant whatsoever but I’ve got one thing to say and here it is…

The only people worth caring for are those true friends and family you grow to love… They say treat everyone like you want to be treated but in the end.. I don’t feel like that’s true, why treat people great when in reality they’ll just treat you like trash in return?

My two cents. Peace.

Apologies, Project 365…

As you can tell I haven’t blogged in a bit and I apologize for that.  My week was pretty busy with the Cotton Bowl and traveling back to Kansas, so I never really got a chance to sit down and write for you.  I guess I’m just going to pick up from here on out so it won’t actually be 365 posts, oh well.

Project 365. Day 4.

The day always has to come and I’m sad yet excited for tomorrow…  What’s tomorrow you ask?  The last day I’m home for Christmas break.  Bittersweet to say the least.  Let’s be real I love being home with friends, family and Homer (my beagle).  But like I said this day is inevitable being a college student, so I’m heading out.  But I’m actually headed to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl so you don’t have to feel too bad for this guy!  But for this post I’m going to make it a “family” #Project365 and vary it up a little bit.

Song/Artist of the Day: Well, I gotta be honest I give my sister a pretty hefty amount of insults each day, what brother doesn’t, but today I sat down to play the piano just for fun and my sister straight SCHOOLED me.  Yes, I’ll admit, she’s way more talented than I’ll ever be on the piano so props to her.  So for that, she’s the artist of the day.  As far as the song is concerned I’ll say it’s “When The Saint’s Go Marching In” the song my sister played and reluctantly asked if I knew what song it was… I mean, really? Who doesn’t know that song.  C’mon @K8erade (twitter).

Quote of the Day: “I don’t care how poor a man is; if he has family, he’s rich.” – Dan Wilcox & Thad Mumford.  So fitting.  The truth is without family we are nothing and this hit the nail on the head in my life.  You can say I’m a momma’s boy or whatever… but truth is, if that’s the case, I’m a dad’s boy as well because I’m close as hell with my family and I’m not ashamed of it.  So to my family, thanks for it all, I love you guys & Homer.

Photo of the Day:  What else could you expect… A photo of my family and I after the Big 12 Championship game in 2008, I believe.

Hope y’all enjoy it.

Project 365. Day 3.

Okay for those of you paying attention yeah I’m 20 minutes late but I’m still going to count this as day 3.  I’ll admit I got caught up in Call of Duty and completely forgot to post.  Oh well, hope all of you who went back to work/school this week have had a pleasurable week… haha.  We’ve still go a week and a half left so I’m planning on having a great rest of the break.  Headed to Dallas in two days and then back to Manhappenin.  Well, sorry for the late post here’s my Project 365, Day 3.

Song/Artist of the Day: David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium.  Reason being after watching his documentary yesterday I’ve got a newfound love for the dude.  He’s definitely deserving of his title as the best DJ in the world.  If you haven’t checked out his documentary it’s called “Nothing But The Beat” and it’s about an hour long.  Trust me it’s worth watching.  I chose this song simply because it’s a great new jam from him on his latest album and it’s a hit. Check it out.

Quote of the Day: “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall… I am titanium.” – David Guetta feat. Sia.  A great line from the aforementioned song.  Truthful lyrics with a catchy beat… What else could you ask for?  My take on it… No matter how much people hate on you or bring you down you’re only as strong as you believe you are, no one else’s view should matter.

Photo of the Day:  A joke between my sister and I.  We were at Macaroni Grill and you can draw on the tables so she said she wanted to draw me.  I returned the favor… Could you say artistically talented?  I thought so.

Project 365. Day 2.

January 2, 2012.

Man, it feels weird writing that 2012 but never the less another year down and I’m thankful for it!  My new year has been rather uneventful so far, but I’m blessed to be spending it with my family and friends here in Spring, TX.  However that will be coming to an end on Thursday.  I’ll be leaving for the Cotton Bowl, where my university, Kansas State is taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks.  It should be a great game and I’m rather excited for the time in downtown Dallas. Oh well that’s enough randomness about my life, here’s my second post in the PROJECT 365.

Song/Artist of the Day: Hurricane – 30 Seconds to Mars (feat. Kanye West).  My reasoning see the quote (lyric) of the day below.

Quote/Lyric of the Day:
“Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery
The riot inside keeps trying to visit me
No matter how we try, it’s too much history
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony” – Kanye West

As you can tell, once again Kanye proves his lyrical strength with this verse.  Something about this just touches home and I know it does with many of you out there.  My take on it is that sometimes you try so hard to achieve something that in the end it’s just not meant to be.  I think we all have done this at one time in another and not that it pertains to my life right this instant, it definitely has in the past.

Photo of the DayNo, I didn’t take this picture so props to whoever did.


Project 365. Day 1.

January 1st, 2012.

Well, I hope all of you had a wonderful evening last night and it was all that you had hoped for.  Mine was well… Uneventful, but I did get to spend it with some great friends.  Woke up this morning not feeling to hot but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  Here’s my first PROJECT 365 post and like I said I’ll be posting one of these each day for the next year… Enjoy.

Song of the Day: M83 – Midnight City.  This song epitomizes perfection to me, musically.  Something about that MGMTish sound just gets me.  Trust me people, you have GOT to give this track a listen.  It’s unbelievable.

Quote of the Day:  “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.”  -Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is pretty fitting for the New Year… We must all strive to do our best at whatever we intend to do with our lives and what better than a New Year to work towards it.

Photo of the Day:  

What photo could be better than the most influential event of the year we just said goodbye to?

2011, A Year of Accomplishment.

As I write here, on the last day of the year 2011, I”m hoping to find all of you with a great night planned ahead of you.  As well as hoping the past year was great for both you and your family.

For the last post of the year I’ve decided I’m going to list some rather important events/accomplishments from this past year that have affected me.  In no particular order.

  • Labrum/Rotator Surgery. I guess you could say this wasn’t an accomplishment but it was definitely an event that ended up shaping my 2011 and how it would turn out.
  • Smell Ya Later, Osama.  We finally brought Osama Bin Laden to justice, this in itself surely affected us all.
  • My First DJ Experience.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my music @ Johnny Kaw’s, here in Manhattan.  This would ultimately lead to my addiction to mixing and DJing.
  • Made Some Quality Friends.  A person can never have too many friends but never too little as well.  This year I’ve grown pretty close with some truly great people and I’m thankful to have all of them in my life.
  • My First Job.  Well other than my “hitting lessons” and what not in high school (which I didn’t consider a job).  In May, I started bartending at Allred Inc. and I never dreamed it would be this fun.  We’ve got an unbelievable staff and an awesome environment to go along with it.  Go check us out on facebook:  
  • Created My First Mix/Video.  I basically sat down bored one day and mixed a couple of my favorite songs.  I posted on various social media sites that I had made the mix.  To my surprise there were quite a few people who wanted the file and amongst mostly positive feedback I realized that this is what I wanted to do.
  • My Youtube hits 40,000 views.  This is rather self-explanatory, but I had never imagined that my videos could’ve reached out to that many people.  Go check it out >>
  • My First Trip To California, LA/Hollywood.  This was my first time being in California, not for a baseball trip.  It was awesome to be able to actually visit the different sites and all I know is seeing LA/Hollywood made me realize, MANNN I want to make it big.
  • Last But Not Least.  Created my first blog.  Sharing my thoughts that you could, or could not give two craps about, but at the end of the day I guess you still read it?  I enjoy this and hopefully you do as well.
Thank you for the support and I hope y’all truly have a wonderful New Year’s.

Two Hundy

So… my “Captain Rooke” DJ page on Facebook just hit 200 likes and I’m ecstatic.  I mean, sure this seems like a rather tiny number compared to other people’s pages, but here’s the thing… I created it two days ago, never thought it would grow that fast.  Thanks to all those who liked it and hopefully this will continue moving onwards in the right direction.

Look for me to post a new mix sometime in the near future… Hopefully before New Years!

Peace. Love. Dubstep.